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Check out these 33 Awesome Soviet Era Space Propaganda Posters

During the late fifties and early sixties, at the dramatic height of the space race between the United States and Soviet Russia, propaganda was rife on both sides of the world but as these Soviet-era propaganda posters attest to the Ruskies had an upper hand when it came to making striking and powerful propaganda posters.

Painted in the Soviet realism style these posters featured bold colors, grand imagery and inspiring slogans meant to excite a generation behind the possibilities of space travel.

This period of human history is one of the most compelling and amazing with incredible bravery and innovation shown by both the scientists and engineers on both sides of the space race and of course the cosmonauts and astronauts that were being hurtled out of our atmosphere and the surly bonds of earth into the great unknown with immense risk to their personal well-being.

These Soviet-era space race propaganda posters are not just beautiful pieces of art but a window into the period of some of the most important achievements in human history.