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25 Stunning Luxury Loft / Attic Conversion Ideas to Inspire

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Modern living requires modern solutions and a converted loft is a perfect project for many reasons.

Loft conversions have been rising in popularity for a while now, as more-and-more people look to

  • Add monetary value to their properties
  • Expand their current useable living space
  • Create stunning entertainment rooms or stunning luxury man caves

There is also the possibility and potential need of converting a loft space so as to expand the living space in your home as your family also grows and that living space becomes more of a premium.

A converted attic / loft is also a perfect space to stick that surly teenager that has outgrown sharing a room with his or her siblings for example, and now needs their own space.

Often used just for storage, or just forgotten about entirely, the attic can offer huge potential in the right home for expanding your living space.

Not only that but it’s a great opportunity to expand  your own creativity too when it comes to designing these oft neglected rooms of our houses. They are usually bare bones to begin with and so are a great blank canvas to jump in to if you’re interested in interior design.

So whether you are looking to convert and redesign your loft because you want to install a new bedroom, or create your own bad-ass luxury man cave, or general entertainment room, or even if you want to go offbeat and possibly add a luxury bathroom area–complete with walk in luxury shower–then we have you covered.

The former is a fantastic idea as well because you benefit from the natural light coming from the skylight without the usual privacy concerns that come with large windows looking in on more private areas of the house.

Hopefully you can start to get motivated by our list of some of the best loft conversion ideas to inspire you to stop neglecting that room above your head and create and design something really special in its place.

Get Inspired with these 25 stunning Loft / Attic Conversions and take your interior home design game to the next level!

Let’s get to it!

This modern loft conversion uses every line and contour of the space to maximum potential
This spacious and clean loft conversion uses the large skylights to great effect with plenty of natural light pouring in.
OK, so most people don’t have an attic or a loft with this large a space to use but this incredible upmarket loft apartment was too good not to include.
Home design done right, this simple but nonetheless striking loft conversion loosk fantastic.
From the shiny hardwood flooring to the beautiful geometric ceilings to the accented lighting this loft conversion is perfect on every level and home interior design at its very best.
One of the best things about loft conversions is the available natural light without compromising your privacy and this bedroom takes advantage of both of those things to great effect here.
If your loft space is limited then think about converting it to an extra luxury bathroom instead.
Plenty of rustic charm adorns this beautiful attic conversion.
This open plan luxury loft conversion is the epitome of class and sophistication.
With these fantastic sloping walls and beautiful open space this loft uses low seating and bean bags so as to counteract the low ceilings for a stunning effect.

This gorgeous loft converted bedroom just screams luxury and premium living.
Modern and open plan attic conversion with old school glass tiled bathroom area.
This incredible custom built loft conversion uses the space to its maximum effect with an incredible all glass divider separating the bedroom from the bathroom (and inbuilt sauna!)
This posh Loft Conversion Bedroom Design Idea is a breezy and light approach to attic conversion with a fantastic use of the available extra light.
The striking wooden ceiling in this unique attic conversion makes it obvious you are in a loft at all times without losing any of that luxury feel to proceedings.
Sleek and unique modern bedroom design in the attic of contemporary house
A huge open plan luxury attic which uses that industrial and bare bones unfinished look to maximum effect.
This attic has been converted into the perfect study to get some light reading and relaxing done with abundant natural light.
This bedroom uses its location in the attic to full advantage especially with the generous amount of natural light coming in to the room.

We hope you have enjoyed these luxury attic / loft conversions and that they have hopefully inspired you in some small way to take on your own neglected attic and turn it into something new and groovy, no matter your specific preference for the room itself.