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Smart Ideas For Small Rooms

Got that shoe-box feeling? Small room getting you down? Here’s how to give your minuscule pad maximum style.

The Best Ideas for Small Spaces

Cramped for style? Bouncing off the walls? Sounds like you have a space problem.

When you have grand ideas for a small room in your house it can be frustrating to realize your vision but don’t fret!

Help is at hand! Check our short guide full of tips on how to maximize the small rooms in your house to get more out of them with less hassle.

The pocket-sized kitchen: 

  • If you can’t build outwards then build upwards by fitting tall wall cabinets.
  • There should be 1.25m between units for two people to pass each other; 75cm if it’s only you.
  • PAint walls the same colour as cabinets to “enlarge” the room.
  • Hang folding chairs on walls to give more floor space.
  • Many companies make small appliances to fit on small worktops.
  • A wall-mounted drainer placed above a sink saves space.
  • A butcher’s block on wheels can be used as a breakfast table, worktop and cabinet.
  • Use wall hooks and shelving systems.

Rev-A-Shelf – 5CW2-2122-CR – 21 in. Pull-Out 2-Tier Base Cabinet Cookware Organizer

cookware cabinet organizer for small rooms

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When space is at a premium it’s important to maximize the efficiency of the space you are left to work with so well designed cabinets that will store all the kitchen clutter away when not in use is a must.

The no-space study: 

  • Invest in folding furniture, such as a lightweight chair and clever bookshelf-cum-desk, which can be stored in a cupboard or folded flat against the wall when not in use.
  • Keep desk space free from clutter with filing trays fixed to the wall.
  • Save floor space by stacking filing cabinets on top of one another.
  • Have extra workspace at hand with a foldaway decorators table hung on the wall and a table with an extendable leaf.
  • Walls and furniture should in a similar, soft tone, to create a sleek look.
  • Stick to streamlined style, choosing furniture in light wood and metal, and go for elegant rather than chunky designs.

rotating stylish computer desk for small rooms

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The box-bathroom: 

  • Choose light-reflective finishes such as stainless steel and silk emulsion paints to bounce light off the wall and “enlarge” rooms.
  • Standard baths are 1.7m x 71cm, but you can purchase smaller ones if space will not stretch to a standard bath size.
  • If you lack meaningful storage space, try simple solutions such as a mosaic shelf around the bath.
  • Shower curtains with pockets will hold your toiletries and soap.
  • A towel ladder saves space as well as looking good.
  • Invest in a washbasin that doubles as a cabinet.
  • A back to wall toilet with concealed cistern and flush will save space (not suitable for external walls)
  • A deep-framed mirror can act as an extra shelf.

bathroom vanity cabinet for small rooms and bathrooms

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When space is an issue it’s wise to make efficient choices like this stylish wash basin that doubles up with a lot of storage space underneath both saving plenty of space and making a practical solution to more unwieldy storage spaces.

The Mini-Guest Room 

  • Adequate storage is essential in small bedrooms. Steel trunks are a good investment and can double up as a bedside table or extra seating
  • Invest in small scale furniture, such as a single bed on legs or chair beds that can be folded up after use. Space underneath can be used for storage.
  • If the room is too small for a wardrobe, put up hooks along the wall for clothes.
  • choose cool, receding colours and increase the apparent width of the room by painting a horizontal band of colour around the room at picture rail height.
  • Small artificial plants can give a small room a sense of space without being a maintenance burden
  • Fussy drapes and swags at windows can take up valuable floor space. Go for blinds instead of curtains.

lovechair converter in to bed for small rooms


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