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22 Awesome Gaming Battlestations / PC Setups

Decking out your PC gaming or work room to true Battlestation status is a great way to celebrate your love of all things tech.

It’s all about being creative and making your personal space in to something special that reflects you and your passion.

That’s what this site is all about, whether it be a traditional man cave or a futuristic gaming Battlestation or anything in-between.

The gaming Battlestation has taken up popularity among PC gaming enthusiasts that are always on the cutting edge of current technology with their overclocked water cooled gaming rigs, generous amounts of neon lighting and a myriad of different styles and approaches to making the coolest looking PC gamer or workstation setup.

Want some inspiration for your own PC gaming Battlestation masterpiece? Just want to see some hella cool rigs?

We got you covered.

Check out these 35 awesome gaming and workstation Battlestations.

22 Awesome PC Gaming Battlestations


There is plenty of room to spare in this sweeping gaming battlestation with multiple rigs and dual triple monitor setup.
No chance of running low on real estate with this monster six panel battlestation with led lit tower to finish what is otherwise a pretty simple setup. Those screens definitely bring the wow factor though.
This smart and clean workstation is understated but beatifully setup and looks perfect to get some serious writing done far in to the wee hours.
Clean and futurists this badass workstation rocks the tried and true ultra wide monitor with LED keyboard look perfectly.
This insanely brilliant Portal inspired gaming battlestation is a truly wonderful setup featuring dual monitors with an excellent Portal wallpaper giving a fantastic effect but it’s the framing of the monitors to the wall with the LED lighting set behind that really lifts this battlestation higher. As if that wasn’t enough there is also that badass speaker rocking the Imperial logo from Star Wars. We approve.
This five monitor setup is a workaholic gamers dream. This looks like a really comfortable room with some great geeked out decor set around the L shaped desk. A high end mic completes the look making this a great battlestation to stream online from.
Wow is the first thing that comes to mind when seeing this incredible battlestation for the first time. It’s all about the custom desk with plexiglass housing the PC itself. With an extremley cool lighting system to complete the effect this is truly a gaming battlestation to make me envious.
This gaming workstation is a great example of how minimalist design and color matching can make a striking effect that really stands out. You don’t have to go super complicated to get the best aesthetic every time. This simple but beautiful red and white themed PC setup makes that point clearly.
Loud and obnoxious this is one battlestation that isn’t looking to be subtle or understated at all. It’s pedal to the metal and extreme speed all the way. This is a battlestation that will definitely get you in the right mindset for some intense multiplayer FPS action. I especially like the led fan setup above the monitors completing the OTT look.
I can’t promise to know how practical this would be for everyday use but this unique quad-monitor setup sure does setup quite the spectacular canvas to work and play on.
Smart and clean setup with a touch of rustic charm with the traditional wooden desk. Another great LED setup back lights the widescreen monitor pulling off the final effect.
This Game of Thrones fan has gone all out with banners from the various factions from the show framing a futuristic desk setup with a backboard holding not only the monitor but the see thru PC case itself. Blue and red neon light emanates from the desk itself creating an outstanding effect.
This music station looks the business with multiple monitors, laptops and high end mixing equipment.
This super minimalist design is for the person that absolutely cannot stand clutter of any sort. That or if you’re a fan of TRON.
This simple dark and brooding setup is again using LED’s from the back and the mouse pad to create a wonderful ethereal effect. The glowing amber light helps warm the setup bringing it all together.
This cozy battle-station setup features three massive monitors to create a full immersive gaming experience that engulfs your field of vision as you play further transporting you to whatever world you’re currently gaming in. This is the way to play.
This tri-monitor setup features a plexi-glass desk with the computer itself inside of it. Fantastic custom build that must have cost a pretty penny.
This busy PC battlestation looks like it’s a full time tech center with a ton going on in all corners of the room. Deep neon lights create a strong effect.
This super clean battlestation features a double monitor setup in a unique configuration. The pot plant subtlety indicates to all that this is more a place of work than play.
This simple setup is elevated entirely by the lighting config. From the great pixel lamp to the LED’s under the desk and coming from the keyboard this proves you can build a top battlestation without the absolute top level hardware.
Clean and simple this all comes together because of the brilliant monitor placement against the back-lit desk wall.
We don’t talk about this one.


We hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these incredible Battlestations and that it has inspired you to clear off your old desk and try and spruce up the space a little bit.

If you’re anything like me and spend a lot of time in front of the PC working or gaming(or even reading Facebook) then consider making that space a little special.

With some LED lights and some imagination you don’t have to break the bank to turn your old crappy workplace in to a futuristic Battlestation!