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20 of The Coolest Home Theaters You Will Ever See

It’s safe to say that there are different degrees to how seriously people take their man caves, home theaters, games rooms, family rooms, etc when it comes to customizing the look and feel of the place to best reflect their passions and interests.

For some that might mean sticking up a few movie posters and getting a neon sign or two in but for others with a lot of time and seemingly limitless pocketbooks it means going above and beyond the call that has resulted in some truly stunning home theaters.

I enjoy going to the cinema a lot but what I don’t enjoy are loud and obnoxious kids, sky high prices for drinks and popcorn and a whole host of other minor annoyances I could do without. Oh yeah, it would be awesome if I could pause the movie when I need the loo in the middle of the most important scene as well.

For all these reasons home theaters are becoming more and more popular and more affordable as well. If you are interested in starting your own home theater then jump on over to our Home Theater Projector Buyers Guide to learn more.

But enough about affordability and sensible purchases. We are here to see some of the craziest and coolest home theaters when money apparently becomes no object!

Let’s get in to it!

This incredible Stargate inspired home theater takes immersion one step further by making the actual screen in to the Stargate. I’m not sure how much that would impact the movie going experience but it sure does look awesome.
This vintage style home theater is the perfect place to unwind after a hard days work.
This futuristic inspired home theater is the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your favourite Sci-Fi epics

This incredible Dark Knight inspired Batcave is a truly stunning home theater. Costing reportedly over 2 million to construct it’s way out of most peoples budgets but it sure is awesome!
Another very traditional and clean home theater on display here.
This Star Trek The Next Generation inspired home theater is a personal favourite being a massive Trekkie. Beam me up!
Take a journey back to the golden age of cinema with this beautiful 1920’s inspired home theater
A great sense of the limited space available makes this simple home theater come to life in to something more than the sum of its parts
This Titanic inspired home theater decked out to look like one of the ballrooms on the fateful ship is a really great idea. Best to build on terra firma though.
Another Star Trek inspired bridge makes this home theater truly something to behold. The starscape above really adds to the whole effect.
This old gold mining tunnel inspired home theater looks as awesome as it does precarious!
That Star Wars feel is on full effect here!
Another beautiful science fiction bridge home theater decked out with futuristic neon!
Taking it all the way back to Star Trek the original series with Kirk, Spock, McCoy and crew!
Take a trip in the nautilus with this deep sea inspired home theater.

Another truly outrageous home theater that must have cost a bomb to make. Might need to take up piracy to pay it off!
Doesn’t this look more comfortable than your average cinemas offerings?
OK, this is getting ridiculous. I want!