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13 Cities, Then and Now: Humble Beginnings to Metropolis

Something a little off topic but cool today, as we take a break from the never ending mission of pimping every man cave in existence to its maximum potential we instead take a look at 13 great cities that are probably home to thousands of man caves and….(this link isn’t working, let’s just get on with it shall we)….

The race to make everything bigger and better has been unabated since we walked out of our ancient caves and on to the great plains as hunter gatherers.

Since the industrial revolution though things have gone in to overdrive with huge bustling metropolises sprouting up from humble beginnings.

Lets take a look at 12 cities and their transformations over various time periods.

New York, New York in the 60’s and today.
Seoul, South Korea
Los Angeles
London, Great Britain (and my home)
Oil rich, Dubai has seen an incredible accelerated growth with vast buildings and sprawling urban zones being built in a matter of a little over a decade.
Berlin, Germany
Shenzen, China
Sydney, Australia
Athens, Greece
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Tokyo, Japan

Human innovation and the drive to expand and improve on whats come before is a powerful thing. Would be nive if we could build more and be a little less destructive with it though, eh.

Right, now… back to the man cave.