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Things You Never Knew You Wanted: Wood Fired Hot Tub

As summer gets in to full swing we start to emerge more often from our man caves to experience the world outside and what better what to take the luxury and easy living you enjoy in your man cave outside with your very own hot tub?

Yeah, that’s all well and good but it’s just far too pedestrian for our tastes so in true Man Cave Mafia style lets ramp it up and take it somewhere new.

Introducing the latest luxury item I have just decided I must get for my garden:

A wood-fire hot tub.

For just 5 grand you can own not just a hot tub but a wood fire heated hot tub.

That’s a lot of scratch, but the costs of running this hot-tub will be substantially lower with no required plumbing or electricity required!

OK, so this is sounding more reasonable all of a sudden.

The heating for example is a simple as can be. You simply start a fire the same way you would start any fire in a fireplace, wait for the water to heat over the course of half-an-hour or so and then get in your hot tub and get down to the important business of relaxing.

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Keeping the temperature to your liking is just a matter of adding more or less wood to your fire as you desire.

From the aesthetics, practicality and a better harmony with the nature around you than with one of those horrible plastic/fiberglass monstrosities this is a great way of enjoying your sojourns outside the confines of your man cave for some hot-tubbing action this summer season. First world problems, am I right?

Hot Tubbing on a Budget: DIY Wood-Fired Hot Tub

If you fancy the idea of your own wood-fired hot tub but are understandably balking at the price tag then worry not!

Never ones to stand in the way of innovation and ingenuity there is always the option of just make your own DIY wood fired hot tub!

But how would I go about accomplishing such a task?, I hear you ask.

Well, the guys over at Home Made Modern have come up with a fantastic guide on making your very own wood fired hot tub if you are unable or unwilling to drop close to 5G’s on a professionally made wood-fired hot tub which lets be honest is a lot of people.

Remember, with any DIY project there are the right ways and the wrong ways to get things done.

Hot Tubbing is Fun!

As I get older and my bones become a little creakier the idea of intense nights out at the club or the bar becomes a less and less appealing prospect.

This is one of the reasons I made this site in the first place, as I left my old hard partying 20’s long behind me and looked to how I could maximize the comfort, relaxation, entertainment and FUN of my indoor activities.

Well the garden almost counts, right?

Your own hot tub ticks the boxes on all of those things and is a great addition to any mans laudable quest to make his home the very best it can possibly be no matter the budget so why not this summer invest on your very on hot tub experience just make sure to do it the right and environmental way with a wood fired option instead of one of those ugly looking fiberglass things.